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Basically, this is a mish-mash of assorted, random minutiae of everyday living from my perspective.

Who am I? Just some person who is kind of judgmental, has high standards, can be easily annoyed but is also prone to giving people 222 chances (not just second chances). I believe in the goodness of people overall while simultaneously wondering where common sense went in society.

I setup the WordPress blog capability on a whim without a definite vision of where things would go or how we would get there so this will be an adventure for all of us – come along for the ride!

I currently live in Oregon. I grew up in Michigan, “did five years” in Illinois (and yes, it was awful enough that I refer to it like a prison sentence), and loved the 15 years I spent in Colorado.

I’m married with five dogs, no kids and a pretty wonderful life. I generally have strong opinions on most things and did I mention that I can be judgmental? (I briefly considered naming this place “Judgmentally Yours” but I want this to be more than judgy riffs about life because there’s more to me than just opinions, though the opinions will seep through – especially when it comes to food.)